I struggle with depression and anxiety every day. I used to have medecine and therapy but I have quit all that. I decided to find my own path but it’s a daily struggle sometimes to keep my head above water. I started this blog because it’s what I do. I am a communicator and a blogger more specifically, I like to share. I think it helps. I will share as much as I can of my experience here and I hope you feel comfortable enough to join in the conversation.

If you need to just listen, that’s cool too. We’ll see what happens and maybe, together we can walk out of the blackness.

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  1. I’ve been on Lexapro for 7 months and love that I’m no longer depressed but also I’ve been thinking of getting off of it. I’m at 5mg but even at such a low dose I feel numb all the time. It’s worrying me. ( funny since I don’t feel worried actually. I just know I should feel worried) I’m scared though. What if I become who I used to be without lexapro? =(

  2. I’m not sure how much of the blog you have read, but make sure to read these articles.


    These chronicle my experience getting off Lexapro. Lexapro was a lifesaver for me early on, but became more of a problem the longer I was on it. Now, everyone is different and everyone’s experience is different, so take all this with a grain of salt.

    One of the only reasons I was able to get off was that enough time had passed that I was out of my “critical” phase when I really needed it. I had done enough healing to the point where I could survive without it. But, there were also adverse effects of going off as well, including the rush of feelings that come back when you are off. All of a sudden, you can get angry and happy and worried again. It’s a bit of an adjustment to get used to feeling in this way again.

    In the end, Lexapro only masks the dark feelings and keeps you from falling into a black hole. This is great when you’re standing on the abyss but it won’t solve your problems. Ultimately, you have to figure out how to deal with what got you into the depressed situation. For me, this took a bit longer even I went off Lexapro. Even now though, my depression is handled and I have a new perspective on life, but depressed still feels like a dark force hiding in the shadows, waiting to leap out. I have to keep on guard.

    Good luck and all the best to you

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