I like my webhost. They do a great job of hosting this website and I have never had a complaint about anything. I would recommend them to anyone but I won’t say who they are here because now I am going to complain.

Recently I got an email from them saying they were going to take down this website due to a violation of their terms of service. It seems they have rules against talking about a certain herb. This herb is completely legal in all but 3 states with some restrictions in others I has never proven to be harmful in any way.

My webhost considers this to be “adult” content but I think context matters. I am talking about this herb in a purely medical context in regard to mental health. Am I not allowed to talk about marijuana even if I am talking about medical marijuana in regard to cancer patients? Can I talk about breasts if I am talking about breast cancer? Context matters and it upsets me that they never bothered to look a the context and my clear intent. Their algorithm found the term and flagged it. Now our free speech is bound by algorithms and computer technology? These can be helpful tools for sure but somewhere a rational human has to be involved to look at the context and intent. You can get away with fomenting white supremacy on Facebook but I can’t talk about…

So I have removed all the posts regarding it and edited some others to take the references out. I don’t even use the product anymore but my wife does and it really works for her, both from a pain and mental standpoint. Those of you who have been around this blog know what I’m talking about. Initials with 3 letters. Begins with a C, ends with a D.