I’ve been struggling a bit this winter with my mood. I have talked about how I don’t like Christmas but I generally don’t like winter either. It’s by far my least favorite season. I don’t like the extra rain and gloomy days and the much shorter daylight. You can go an entire week here without seeing the sun sometimes. In past winters this has bothered me to a degree but this winter has been harder for some reason.

As a result, I have decided to start taking Buporion again. I was on it last year and decided to stop as it wasn’t really doing anything for me. But I feel like I do need a little something this winter. I also got a therapy lightbox and am taking Vitamin D daily. So far, so good. I think I will stay on the Bupoprion until the spring and then maybe just take it each winter. You might wonder, after all I went through with CBD, why I wouldn’t use that. I don’t think it is as effective for me as Bupoprion and worse than that is the cost. I can get a month of Bupoprion for about $5. The equivalent CBD would cost at least $60. That’s just not sustainable for the long term. That’s one of my big problems with CBD, it’s just too expensive for most people. The cost either has to come down or we have to get insurance involved. I do still take CBD on occasion and often at night for a better sleep. Taking CBD just now and then allows it to last much longer so it makes sense.

I’ll be so much happier when we get to spring. Just a few more months.