I am much better recovering from heart surgery but still not 100%. I have pain on the chest incision and some nerve pain in my leg. I also have limited energy and usually get pretty tired around 4 pm. Good news is the doc says I can use CBD again if I want. So I have. The pain in my leg and hip has been significant so I was interested to see if the vaunted painkilling aspects of CBD would finally work for me. I think it helps a bit, but it doesn’t really take the pain away like a good painkiller. I still feel good mental aspects of CBD, however, so I am enjoying that.

Something interesting happened lately. Turns out an old family friend I follow on Facebook uses a new CBD I had never heard of before. I trust her implicitly, so I decided to give it a try. Bioreigns is a new company and their claim to fame is the CBD is water-soluble instead of being based in oil as most of the other CBD’s are. The advantage of this is the bioavailability of the CBD is much higher. Basically, your body will absorb more CBD per dose than oil-based CBD.

Bioreigns has a very neutral taste, maybe a little nutty but very easy to take. As far as effectiveness, I think it’s no better or worse than other CBD’s I have used. It’s right on par with the ones that I like, so it has taken a regular spot in the rotation that includes Lazarus Naturals and SunSoil. It is so new, I haven’t seen a lot of good third party reviews so we’ll have to wait and see how they do in the larger community.