Well, I’ve had a bit of a spin. For maybe 6 months or so I have been getting a burning feeling in my chest at times. Usually, this happens when I walk or exert myself a little bit. Never happens when I am at rest. I was convinced this was an acid reflux problem as the feeling was very much a burn and not a squeezing or other pain. Long story short, my doc said I needed a treadmill test, which I promptly failed. Turns out I had major blockages all over my heart and had 4 bypasses done.

I am recovering now and the good news is I feel fine mentally. I will say they had me on prescription narcotic pain relief for a while and it was awful. It made me feel worse, even though it did take the pain away. Me and narcotics don’t get along. I am doing much more exercise now though with cardiac rehab and we know how good that is for your mental state. Right now, I’m just trying to get better from the surgery and it’s going to be a while more before I am back at 100%.