Happy New Year and congrats on making it through the holiday season.

Over the holidays, I went to a holiday craft fair here in Portland, Or. There were no fewer than 3 CBD vendor there. I didn’t pay much attention to them until I was talking to other booth about something and they mentioned they had pain issues but they tried “those folks” stuff and it really worked. I looked over and it was one of the CBD booths.

I went over and talked to the folks at Healthy Roots, who have a good variety of CBD products. Even bath bombs! They are a small company and local to Portland. They gave me a little taste of the Deep Roots 1000mg peppermint flavored tincture and it was quite good. They also have berry flavor and natural as well as a 500mg variety.

This review is for the 1000mg Deep Roots peppermint specifically. Taste is excellent, a very pleasant peppermint flavor and nothing more.Clean and nice. Effectiveness I think is quite good as well. I enjoy this CBD and feel good taking it. This is one of my new favorites and I would definitely recommended trying it.