For people struggling with depression and anxiety, we are entering the hardest time of the year for many. First, the time change is horrible as we get less daylight. This is also due to the winter season but at least the time change means more light in the morning even though it gets dark earlier. Getting dark early sucks but waking up to darkness I think is worse.

Second, the holiday gauntlet we must run each year. I have noticed it is graduated as Halloween is not so bad, Thanksgiving a little harder and Christmas the worst. New Year Eve is not much better. I think I have detailed enough in other posts why I don’t like this time of the year. Black Friday is this week and God I hate it so much.

I have always identified with Charlie Brown’s malaize in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Oh, we learn the “true meaning of Christmas” at the end, but I’m not sure anyone takes it seriously. We just keep doing the same thing every year. In fact, retailers are pushing Black Friday up to Thursday evening now. Screw Thanksgiving, get out there and spend money. I see little evidence people care about Christ at Christmas.

So buck up my anxious friends. Take your meds and try out some CBD. If you watch more Netflix, you won’t have to suffer through all the holiday advertising either. Most of all, fuck all of it. You don’t have to feel happy or jolly if you don’t want. You can feel any way you do. You don’t have to buy anything or do anything. But I do hope you feel ok at least.