For the first time since starting to take CBD regularly, I think I have a definite case in which I can say it really does work. Due to reasons, I will not get into, I was feeling emotionally down and stressed. It was pronounced enough that I noticed it and thought, wow, I really feel bad. I feel worse than I have felt in a long time. A little panicked and just gray. So, I took some CBD. I had already taken some in the morning as I usually do, but it had been five hours.  About 30min later I noticed I felt remarkably better. The panic feeling was gone and I generally felt much better, despite the challenging situation I was still facing. 

The CBD I am using at the moment is another new one called Premium Jane. they are new on the scene but have a few very positive reviews. I had been wanting to try a higher priced variety to see if there is a tangible benefit to paying more. PJ is much more than anything else I have tried at $88 for once ounce of 600MG CBD. So, is it worth it? 

Premium Jane thankfully tastes OK. I got the mint flavor and the mint comes through for sure. There is also a slight taste of something else which I think are some added terpenes they put in. These always taste like chemicals to me, but here, unlike BlueBird Botanicas, they are not overpowering and do not bother me. Since it was the Premium Jane I took today when I felt bad, I can say it works quite well. The real question is, does it work so much better to justify the very high price? For me, the answer is no. It’s good but not that good. At that price, I don’t know how many people could sustain taking it for an entire year. The overall cost of CBD is a real problem in general and is a topic of discussion in the community. If you’re a little crafty, there are folks who are making their own CBD oil as buying raw hemp is less expensive. The problem with this is, you get a CBD isolate with no THC, which is considered to be less effective as a “full spectrum” CBD. 

I still have the CBD topical from CBDDistillery but I am not ready to report on that yet. I have only tried it once so I can’t say how it works yet. I will say, fortunately, it has a nice menthol smell rather than a hemp smell that would make it seem like you just came from a college dorm. 

I have on order a 1000mg CBD from CBDDistillery which I have used before in a 500mg variety. I’ll be interested to see how the higher dose does for me. I am also restocking my current gold standard, Green Mountain CBD and I am trying yet another new one in Lazarus Naturals