In the continuing quest to find the perfect CBD formulation, I have tried the CBD Hemp Complete from Bluebird Botanicals. They continually get high marks for being a quality company with a great product. The Complete formula I got is a full spectrum CBD but with some extra terpenes put in, which I guess is supposed to be even better.

It is impossible for me to tell you how good this CBD is, however, because I could not get past the taste enough to take more than 1 dose. I started slow, which only a single dropper which equates to about 8mg of CBD. The taste of this CBD is so awful, so horrific it’s hard to describe. It was like swallowing something from under the kitchen sink that you should not have swallowed. A harsh, chemical taste with an incredibly bitter aftertaste. Other CBD’s can have an earthy or slight hemp taste which is not altogether bad. Others, like Green Mountain, have a mint taste. Bluebird is in no way hemp or earthy in taste. It tastes like chemicals. I gagged and nearly puked when taking it. Worse than that, I was burping up and tasting that chemical residue for hours after. I tried soda and coffee to get rid of the taste, but nothing really worked.

The dose was so small, I doubt I would have felt any effects, so it’s hard to say if it was better or worse than other CBD’s I have tried. I would have to try a higher dose for a longer period to see the real effects but there is no way in hell I will ever take that stuff again. There is no way it could be good enough to suffer that. I have no doubt it is good for some people and I have heard tell of some who don’t mind the taste. They must have had their taste buds burned off.