Things have been moving along swimmingly for me the past many months. The Bupropion is working well and has smoothed out many rough spots. Then, one day, I am sitting with my psychiatrist and he asks if I want to do something about my twitching.

I have had nervous twitches since I was a kid. They would always change after a few months, but some kind of twitch would be there. I think the twitching was more pronounced than it is now, but I never thought anything could be done. I accepted it and tried to live on. I don’t know if it is associated with Tourette syndrome or not. So I was kind of excited to possibly get rid of my twitching. The first thing we tried was Clonidine which didn’t do anything. Next was Propranolol which did take the tics down but created very bad side effects. I had incredible muscle soreness in my back and at times I felt like I couldn’t breathe. This experience really put me off wanting to try any other traditional drugs.

I have been intellectually interested in medical cannabis for a while now. It’s cool that a natural plant can hold medical solutions for so many. My problem, I think like so many others, is I have no interest or need to get high. For me, this is a negative side effect. If you’re battling cancer, of course, it’s a different story, but for anxiety and tics, it wasn’t practical for me. After my bad experience with the Propranolol, I started looking into alternative remedies for my twitching and low and behold I found CBD.

CBD is a cannabis product but it is made from hemp, not marijuana. What that means is CBD has virtually none of the THC in marijuana that is responsible for the high. CBD has no psychoactive effects at all but has all the medical benefits of cannabis. Those benefits include treatment of anxiety and depression, among a host of other conditions. There is even some evidence CBD may be good for diabetics and it certainly works on chronic pain. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and controlling inflammation in the body is a key part of good health.

So this was like a miracle and I was pretty excited about the possibilities. The first step was asking my psychiatrist what he thought. He is a doctor, of course, so he said the problem was he had no idea how to prescribe anything. What product would he give me and how would he dose it for my condition? There aren’t any answers to these questions because there’s just not enough research done to know enough. When it comes to treating cancer patients, there is plenty of experience now and doctors can reliably prescribe cannabis for pain and nausea. Using CBD to treat anxiety, however, is pretty new. He had no problem with me taking it but said it would be considered an alternative treatment and there was little he could do officially for me. Good enough. At least he didn’t give me a stern no.

The second step was my job. Ironically, my current job is the first and only job I have ever had that drug tests. There is a test upon application, but I did not know if they ever tested again for any reason. As I said, CBD has very little THC in it, but it’s not zero. Usually, it is well less than 1% but in the research I did, nobody could absolutely say it would not trigger a positive drug test. Fortunately, I have a good relationship with our hr department and I was very straight with them on what I was doing and why. Turns out they do not drug test unless there is a reasonable suspicion to do so. Basically, you’d had to come to work high as a kite, which is never going to be a problem for me.

Now that I had the all clear, it was time to order some CBD. I had been doing a great deal of research already so I knew I didn’t want to get CBD from just anywhere. You want a very reliable vendor that has lab testing you can see that verifies the ingredients as well as a product that is made organically without chemicals or other nasty bits. Just pure, natural cannabis. There are also several websites that rank and review CBD oils. You can take CBD in several ways. You can vape it or put it on as a cream or use an oil that you put under your tongue, which is the method I chose.

The two places I bought from were PureKana and CBDDistillery. That’s not an endorsement of either and I haven’t even tried them yet. They are both sitting in my mailbox now and I will try the PureKana first tonight. I may be posting a little more often here though as I go through this exciting new phase. There is no guarantee at all that the CBD will do anything for my tics, but I am willing to try. Maybe, if it is effective on anxiety, I can stop the Bupropion. Given the choice, I would rather be on something natural and not from Big Pharma. I’ll let you know how it goes.