Day 7 on CBD and so far so good. There haven’t been any dramatic effects, which I have learned is to be expected. It’s much more subtle. Now I am already on Bupoprion for anxiety so it’s not like I came into it with a high level of anxiety. I was looking more for the tic relief. I think it has mellowed the tics somewhat but has definitely not eliminated them. The other thing I had been feeling was a strong sense that I was always tight. My body had a constant tension to it and I never felt completely relaxed. On this, I do think the CBD has helped a great deal. I don’t feel so much of that tension and some of the muscle soreness due to it is gone.

I have been going back and forth between the PureKana product and CBD Distillery. So far, I cannot tell a difference, although PureKana is 300mg and CBD Distillery is 500mg. I am still not 100% sure about the dosing but I do have to take more of the PureKana as it is only 300mg. I  have been gradually increasing the dose to see if I get better results and to find just the right spot. I think I am at around 25-30mg twice a day but it’s very inaccurate with the droppers and all. They should really make line marks on the droppers or have better instructions as to how much ml to take so you could dose it out of a medicine cup.