My CBD tincture from Green Mountain arrived and I have been trying it for a few days. This is a 600mg bottle with 10mg of CBD per ml. I am getting better at CBD dosing and realize now what really counts is the amount of CBD per ml. The mg on the front of the bottle is simply how much total CBD is in the bottle.

One of the best things about the Geen Mountain tincture is the dropper has clear measuring lines where you can see where a quarter, half and full ml is. This makes dosing so much easier. The other two products I tried, PureKarma and CBDDisstillery have no measure lines at all.

Ordering online from Green Mountain and very easy and the product came quickly. Right out of the gate, the label and bottle are really nice. Clean logo and beautiful label. You might think this is a small thing, but it conveys quality and professionalism. Those are two things I want from a company whose products I am putting in my body. It’s a small company that grows their hemp in Vermont.

The product comes in one flavor which is chocolate mint. This works well as it tastes fine and covers the hemp taste. Green Mountain was by far the hempiest of the three I have tried, but with the flavor, no problem. I took a similar dose to what I had been taking with PureKana and CBDDistillery at 30mg. This was a bad idea as it kind of knocked me on my ass. Not that I was high or anything, but a little lightheaded and just feeling powerful effects. Something about the Geen Mountain is much more potent per mg than the others. I scaled back to 20mg and it was just right.

I think the Green Mountain worked quite well. I can’t say it is any more or less effective than the CBDDistillery but for the price, it’s a better value. Green Mountain is $30 for a 600mg bottle ($.05 per mg) vs CBDDistillery which is $35 for a 500mg bottle ($.07 per mg). The CBDDistillery is more concentrated, however, offering 33mg per ml vs 10mg CBD per ml for Green Mountain.

Based on taste, price, and effectiveness, Green Mountain CBD is my number one brand for now.