I took my first dose of CBD last night. I started with the PureKana product and took what they recommended on the bottle, which was half a dropper. I think this worked out to be around 7mg. I am still figuring out the dosing and milligrams. It’s not completely straightforward. Anyway, that is a very small amount and I’m not sure I felt anything. Maybe a clearer head and less cloudy. This morning I upped the dose to a full dropper and today I haven’t really noticed anything either. Now it’s not like you are supposed to achieve dramatic effects immediately and not every CBD brand is right for everyone, so I need to give it some time and relax. The PureKana I got is a very low strength however and do think I will try out the CBD Distillery tonight as it’s a different brand and a stronger version of CBD. Taste is always a consideration with liquid CBD and I will say the PureKana had no taste whatsoever. The CBD Distillery I did smell yesterday and it does have a more definite hemp/earthy smell but not bad.

It’s only day 1. A long way to go.