My diabetes doc agrees I have ADD and preliminarily prescribed Wellbutrin. I was initially not happy because I found out it is primarily an anti-depressant and I don’t want an anti-depressant. I am not depressed really at all. ADD is my problem. However, with a little research, I found out it’s not like Lexapro at all. A completely different class of drug. It is also used quite a bit in the treatment of ADD and is a good alternative to the stimulants. Ok, I’ll roll with it for now. It’s only been three days on a low dose, so it may be a bit until I see some real effects.

I am also getting some better med management than a diabetes doc, so I am waiting for an appointment with a full psychologist. We’ll see what he says and I will respect that. I do her Adderall is an even better drug for ADD but does have its disadvantages. Now that I am back on, 4 out of 5 members of our immediate family are on drugs for psychological problems. I am hopeful though. I think I’ve had ADD for many years and just now I am getting some treatment. I am very interested to see how I respond and for things to get better for me.