charlie christmasIt’s about time for my annual I Hate the Holidays post, and I still do, but this year, we’ll take a different turn on it.

It’s everywhere these days, especially when you are shopping, Christmas music. From the traditional to the modern takes on the traditional and the rock and roll versions. Do I need to hear Springstein do Santa Claus is Coming to Town, again? Not hardly. I guess the reason I don’t like the music is the same reason I don’t like the season, it’s all so hopeful and happy. By the way, Baby it’s Cold Outside is an incredibly sexist song about a guy trying to get laid. No, baby, it’s too cold out, better stay here for the night. Right.

I don’t think I would have such a big stick up my butt if Christmas wasn’t such a big fucking deal. It’s already so overblown, any little extra thing is just annoying. It’s a nice holiday, let’s all do our thing and thank you very much. If we could take Christmas down a notch, I would enjoy it much better.

Yeah, I’m an asshole. Sorry. What about next year? Do I hate the lights too? No, actually, I like the lights 🙂