uphillIt was a great relief to come out of the deep depression I went through. I have been trying to put things back together and have noticed that just because you’re out of your depression doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. In fact, while you were in the midst of the depression, you likely have done damage to yourself, your career and/or family that is going to have lasting after effects.

It’s one thing to not be depressed, but it’s another thing to be gung ho and full of life. When I came out of my depression, I was grateful to not feel those horrible feelings, but I was hardly ready to take on the world. I have been adrift ever since.

My depression took a toll on my self confidence and self worth. That, along with floundering in my self-employment dream, has made is harder to get back to the level of employment I need. Wen you feel like you’re behind the 8-ball already, career building in a still tough economy is scary.

I guess my message is, congratulations, you made it out of your depression, now the real works begins.