Since quitting Lexapro I am still getting some brain flickering as I call it from time to time, but I think it’s getting less as time goes on. What has happened, quite profoundly, is that I have become much more animated. The bigest and strongest emotion to return is anger. Yea, I get angrier than I have in a long time. It’s nothing bad or abusive to anyone, but I will fight back more now and feel that feeling of frustration. Hardly anything bothered me that much on Lexapro and I let so much go. I don’t know if that always served me well though. It’s not like I had an anger problem before, my issue was depression. But obviously the Lexapro tamped down the anger as well and I don’t mind having it back. It’s part of getting back the passion and drive Lexapro made it harder to access.

A few more times I have had the most horrible dread feeling. It doesn’t last long but wow, I wish could express how absolutely horrific it is. It’s the worst possible feeling you could ever feel, worse than any fear of death. If I could ever put it to words or film I would be the greatest horror storyteller that ever existed.