I am not completely sure how many days I have been off Lexapro because I don’t remember the actual day I ran out of pills. It wasn’t my intention to go cold turkey but I ran out of pills and decided to call my doc and ask about getting off. She didn’t get back to me for a few days and by then it had been a week off the medicine so I figured I would just keep going.

I have been looking at Internet accounts of people getting off Lexapro, which I don’t recommend because it can really freak you out. Many people, I guess, have real problems when coming off the drug. So far, I haven’t felt much of anything. The primary complaint I hear is what are referred to as “brain zaps” which are described as a “rebooting” of sorts. Like you’re not there for a second and then you are fine. The only thing I feel in my head is more of a flickering, like a light flickering on and off quickly. Maybe this is a mini brain zap. It’s weird but not horrible. When I went without Lexapro for more than a few days in the past I would sometimes feel an overwhelming feeling of dread. I wish I could explain better what this was like but suffice to say it was powerful and incredibly scary. There were times when I felt like I might have a panic attack. This is what I feared the most in going off Lexapro but thank God I have only felt this once, when I woke up this morning in fact. Fortunately I did not last long and I kept it together but there was a moment when I thought I was in real trouble.

In my research I read that taking fish oil supplement can help with the brain zaps and contributes generally to a felling of well being. After that scary moment this morning I took a fish oil capsule which I fortunately just happened to have on hand. I will be taking one every morning for the next several weeks, just for safety sake.