The Way ForwardIf you look back too much, worry about all the stupid, irresponsible things you have done to put you in the crappy position you find yourself in now, you will make yourself crazy. Pun intended. I have been beating myself up pretty badly for the past. Everything that has happened, the position I am in now are all my fault. I am a completely worthless, stupid, idiot. Next to a crackhead, the dumbest person on the planet, no offense to crackheads.

All this looking back and grilling myself over it, while true, is not helping. It’s making things much worse actually. It’s sucking what little hope is left right out of me. I have come to realize there now is only one thing left, the way forward. All I can think about and focus on is the way forward. Put one foot in front of the other and start walking, away from the bomb blast. Not that it’s that easy, but you have to will yourself forward despite everything. Despite feeling there is nothing left in you to believe in, you must believe there is one small shred of kindling left to start the next fire in you.

Eyes front, don’t look back, walk. the way forward.