Happy New Year.

I hate rote traditions and one of the worst is new years resolutions. Just complete bullshit, although it does sell a lot of gym memberships.

Some people I know and respect on the Net have a thing they do where they pick a few words to be like watchwords for the year. It’s kind of like a theme for the year that goals
This year, however, I am giving it a shot and the word I am choosing is Care. It is the year of caring.might spring out of. A framework for the year if you will. I have resisted doing this because I’ve sworn off any and all such new years traditions.

If you read the previous post about depression and indifference, you will see that I have been feeling quite indifferent this year. It hasn’t done much for me and in fact is putting me on a dangerous path in several regards. I’ve just decided to start caring again.


Caring about my wife and family
Caring about my health and body
Caring about my career and income
Caring about what kind of person I am
Caring about life

It’s the root cause of all my problems and my life would improve tremendously if I cared. I don’t know what else to do. It’s either that or check out really and I don’t feel like checking out. So welcome to the year of caring.