indifferenceI have been thinking about the difference between depression and indifference. I have been feeling myself moving from one to the other. When you are depressed, I think you still care. Part of the depression is the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. You become depressed because things are not the way you want and you cannot find a path. But when you’re indifferent, you just don’t care at all. When it stops mattering and you’re willing to accept whatever comes down the pike, that’s a different thing.

I have been feeling more indifferent lately than depressed. I get tired of fighting and just want to let it all go. I think indifference is more dangerous than depression because you have stopped caring. It feels better because when you’re depressed you’re still fighting, still feeling. When you’re indifferent, it’s all so much easier.

It’s been a year that started with more depression for me but is ending with more indifference. But I’ve been thinking about this and the next post will be a new years post that may surprise you. Stay tuned.