It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when you are suffering from depression. There are so many things we can point to that are the cause of our depression. But how many of these things are in truth self-inflicted? How many problems do we create for ourselves?

I know I am guilty of plenty of self-inflicted wounds. One of two of my most serious problems that get me the most down are largely of my own doing. Then you get into a nasty circle of defeat. I can’t fix my problem because I’m too down and depressed and I’m down and depressed because of this problem. All of a sudden you feel like your in a no way out situation, which heightens the depression. The only thing I can think of that is better about self-inflicted problems is you have more control over them as apposed to problems coming from an outside source you have little or no control over. It doesn’t make it any easier but get some perspective on your problems and determine which ones are self-inflicted.