Bullet DodgeJust to keep you guys up to date, we did not end up buying the house that was causing me so much concern. We ended up finding another house not too far away that was much better in every way and did not cause me any anxiety. So, bullet dodged.

I talked about this with my new psychologist, about how for the fist time since taking it, the Lexapro wall was pierced. But also, how this sense of, as she called it, existential loneliness, keeps coming back in my life. I can track it back to what was my very first complete nervous breakdown. That I will blog about in a future post.

As we further plumb the depths of my mind and attempt to get my wiring back on track, this will be a big one to tackle. As I may have said in the past, I have not had much luck with psychologists in the past, but this one I have now, who is actually a nurse practitioner, is the best I have ever seen.