LexaproI read with amusement and horror this article about various folks in my home state of Oregon who want to rein in the use of mental health drugs. Of course they have done their studies and research and tell them that prolonged use of medicines could be harmfull.

I’m sure they all mean well and the article is somewhat balanced with other opinion that says psychic drugs do work on some people and can be very helpful. Right now I’m pretty dependent on my Lexapro and I really don’t want to hear about reining anything in, at least not for me. Mind your own business and leave me out of it. Whatever harm Lexapro could be doing to me is far less than what I have to go through right now without it. I’ll take the harm.

Do I want to be on drugs forever? No. It would be nice to get to a point where I have learned to effectively cope with my problems, but I’m a long way off from that. You know all these doctors and scientists, doing their little experiments. Have they ever experienced what a deep depression feels like? Have they ever been through a suicidal episode? All your theories and such as all well and good but until you have lived through what we as mental health patients have lived through, you just have no idea what your’re talking about.