Another day, another psychologist. I haven’t had much luck with them in the past but moving here to Portland, I was in need of someone who could write me a Lexapro prescription. It turns out the person I found is a nurse practitioner who works both sides of the fence. She can write prescriptions like a regular doc but she also does counseling. I have had counseling in the past and it’s been fine but not groundbreaking in any way. I wasn’t all that excited to jump back into anything until last week. We started talking about not just talking for the sake of talking and learning some interesting things about myself but actually changing my brain. Rewiring things so I think differently. This could be real change that could really make a difference. I started to get a little excited about having real solution.

It’s called neuroplasticity and it’s based on the idea that the brain is flexible enough that input from the outside environment can change the structure and functionality of the brain itself. It involves literally remapping the connections in the brain. I’m no scientist and I don’t fully understand it, but it’s what I am going to be doing in the next few months and years.