Vivid DreamsI really don’t intend this blog to be all about Lexapro, but it is what I take on a daily basis, so there will be plenty of Lexapro posts. I promise in the future, we will move on to other topics.

One of the side effects of Lexapro is what they call “vivid dreams” and I can tell you they aren’t kidding. I cannot relate to you anything specific and it has been a little bit since I have had one, but there are times when I do get some amazingly vivid dreams. These dreams are not like anything I have ever experienced. I am talking crystal clear, full color, dreams as real as anything. They are not particularly bad or scary or good, just incredibly heightened. It’s always a little freaky waking up from one of these dreams. It’s kind of like you just watched, or even participated in, a movie.