calmdownI take Lexapro to keep me sane and it works nicely. I do have one big recommendation however which is NEVER skip or miss doses for any reason. Different people may have different reactions, so your milage may vary, but after about two days of not taking Lexapro I start to feel really bad.

Sometimes I get this feeling of dread. I can’t even explain it very well except to say an overall feeling of dread. It’s not fun at all. Than I may get very snippy with those around me and in general my emotions will start going out of control. One moment I may feel like killing you and the next I just want to cry. Than the dread comes back.

This medicine is seriously re-tweaking your brain, and cutting it off hard like that must make your brain very confused. Whatever you are on and especially if it’s Lexapro, don’t run out and don’t forget. I’ve done both and it’s not good. Not good at all.